Why buy the Amazon’s Kindle Voyage 2?

The holiday is a time when you buy family and friends gifts. Why not give the best educational gift to someone, an ereader – the Kindle. If you do not have a Kindle, or you have one but it is a current or older version, wait. Amazon is launching its premium ereader and it will be worth the wait. The Kindle Voyager 2 is coming!

We all know and experience this for ourselves at how technology is accelerating at a rapid pace. While this is true of computers, iPad and other devices, as far as in the e-reader space, they develop new technology every 5 years for the chip and every 3 years for the screen.

It is said that two important pieces of technology go into an e-reader: the electronic ink screen and the system-on-a-chip, which provides the device’s screen clarity, refresh rate, processing power, wireless capabilities, battery endurance, and more.

An update to Kindle’s processor and chipset is imminent

The last time these technologies saw major improvements was in 2013 and prior to that it was in 2010. So you see the reason for buying the Kindle Voyage 2 in 2016 will lead to overall better value and a longer device life cycle.

The world’s first processor and chipset-purpose-designed for electronic ink display management called the i.MX5 was released in 2010. Then in 2011 it was marginally improved by the introduction of i.MX6. This allowed battery life to last 4 -6 weeks, faster page turns, and few jarring page refreshes.

Here are reasons why you must buy the Kindle Voyager 2

The Amazon Kindle Voyage 2 will redefine what an e-reader is capable of in a myriad of ways. It will utilize the new Freescale I.MX 7 1 GHZ dual core processor which will dramatically increase the overall performance. This chipset has been optimized with eInk Regal and the end product will be true refresh free page turns.

In 2016 this changes, the i.MX7 begins entering products which will be more power efficient than the previous generation of e-reader processors. For one thing, it’s built on the 28nm production process (almost half of the 40nm used in the older i.MX6), and smaller is better.

The i.MX7 also introduces a new kind of design called Heterogeneous Multicore Processing Architecture (HMPA), which allows two processor architectures to operate simultaneously. Unlike older processors, the i.MX7 uses two processing cores: one core has a Cortex A7 architecture while the other has a more power-efficient Cortex M4 architecture.

It will represent the single biggest leap in performance and battery life in e-reader history
It is believed that emergent technologies would enable full color e-readers. One of these technologies is called Electrowetting, a technology invented by Liquavista, a subsidiary of Amazon.

Hang in there, the new Kindle Voyage 2 is coming. It will be a better ereader and will be a great gift to give that special person.

Amazon Kindle Voyage

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2 thoughts on “Why buy the Amazon’s Kindle Voyage 2?”

  1. Hello hows it going?

    Man I have been debating whether or not to get a Kindle Voyage for a while now. I think I will put it off and get a Voyage 2 next year because it sounds awesome. I haven’t actually read anything off a kindle before and hope that I can handle the difference. Let me know if it bugs you at all to not have an actual book in front of you? Also how much is the voyage 2 going to cost upon release?


    1. Hi Anthony,

      If you prefer having the much improved processor and chipset and willing to pay around $200 or so, then it will be worth the wait and get the Kindle Voyage 2. It will take one some getting used to and then it becomes convenient, practical, and cost effective. Remember you can also purchase millions of books on Kindle. All the best.

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