theological eBooks

theological ebooks

As someone who has had to purchase 5-6 theological books per course, I found that I often had to scout around for them in bookstores and had to wait for shipping etc. but now with the kindle, I am able to rent and buy theological eBooks on my kindle.

Another challenge I had was when we moved house. Since I did not hire a removal company, I basically had to pack the many books into boxes and transport them to the new house. This was a back breaking experience.

Although my study has all these books and shelves, it does become an issue with clutter when I start to pull out several books from my bookshelves. Now that has changed with technology. I purchased some of the main texts that I use quite regularly for my own elibrary. They were cost effective and convenient. I was able to get most of the latest texts on my kindle.With the main texts on my Kindle and on my computer, I am able to access them and not have to worry about clutter etc.

As a theological student or pastor, I know how important it is to have access to commentaries and good Christian resources. With the arrival of technology, accessing these has become so easy and convenient.  

You can rent/buy theological ebooks and christian ebooks such as: theology ebooks has tons of theology eBooks that you can get that are inexpensive. You can browse the internet on the Kindle and view many theological eBooks. I hope the next time you are looking for theological ebooks for your assignments, research, preaching, you will discover how easy and cost effective this is going to be. 

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8 thoughts on “theological eBooks”

  1. Hi Rodeves,

    Great post on theological books. I find your post very informative and helpful (because I’m quite into that subject.) Like I have stated in your other blog, I took the liberty to read other posts on your site and find it very interesting. I have bookmarked your site to use as reference for future cases..


    1. Hi Stephen,

      Thank you for your kind comments. With our busy lifestyle and not wanting the lounge and bedroom to be cluttered with books, an ereader is the way to go. I found the kindle to be that ereader, and it’s the best reader. I am glad that you are contemplating getting one. All the best!

  2. Hi Rodney,

    I feel a little bit behind the times because I haven’t even really bought a book off kindle before let alone owned a kindle reader. I think I may tell my wife that is what I want for Christmas! I appreciate you putting this page together to show us how and where to buy Theological books. Another cool thing I learned was the ability to rent books. That is a new concept to me as well and a pretty cool idea. What is your favorite ebook to recommend?

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Anthony, you will not regret getting a Kindle. I am currently reading Sensible Shoes – A Story about Spiritual Journey. It is on Kindle and is selling for $8.54. I am learning so much about myself from this ebook. Blessings to you.


  3. Hi there
    I have bookmarked your site to use as reference for future cases.I find your post very informative and helpful
    I have looked through and read your profile and found that the home page with great content, I read through everything else and it is really really good and very informative so well done on that great website.

    1. Hi Alen, Thank you for your kind comments. I am glad you found the information on my website informative and helpful. All the best to you!

  4. It is true that kindle books offer a more practical way to carry your books around, plus it`s cheaper to buy the virtual version of the book than to buy the book itself. And you don`t have to wait for shipping and stuff like that, which makes it better in my opinion.

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