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The Kindle
The Kindle

Toward the end of last year, I wrote about Amazon’s plans to launch a new edition of Kindle in 2016. Well, it is going to happen. There are hints that the e-commerce giant Amazon is going to release the newest Kindle as early as next week. The new Kindles, is being code-named “Soda” and “Whiskey” Amazon is continuing to push new ideas and that is great for ereaders. .

Building on it/s flagship Kindle Voyage, Amazon’s newest 8th Kindle edition is expected to serve as the substitute for the Voyage instead of the cheaper Kindle Paperwhite, which costs $120.

According to Amazon’s chief executive, Jeff Bezos’ twitter message on Monday, an “all-new, top of the line Kindle” is almost ready, and promised the company would reveal details next week. His twitter message revealed more: “Heads up readers — all-new, top of the line Kindle almost ready,” he tweeted. “8th generation. Details next week.” I cannot wait to get my hands on this newest Kindle.

Some sources are reporting that the new high-end Amazon ereader will come with a “rechargeable protective case for extended battery life.” What is cool about this is that the battery case will be removable, allowing the Kindle to “be thinner than earlier devices,”

What Will Be Different About The Newest Kindle?

  • It will have a rechargeable protective case for extended battery life
  • It will be thinner than earlier devices
  • It will have a separate solar-powered battery case (According to the Journal – it’s “unlikely” the case will hit store shelves in the “immediate future.” When it does arrive it will mean that the battery can be charged using solar power. It has a stated goal of getting 40% of its power from renewable energy sources by year-end, from 25% last April.
  • I am sure, since it is going to be a high-end Kindle, it will not be cheap.

Want to get the newest Kindle? It is coming! You will certainly enjoy the great features that this device will be offering ebook readers. I am particularly excited about the solar-powered battery

If you are not ready to get the newest Kindle, check out the other editions below. The giant e-commerce is currently offering huge discounts on its current-generation Kindles for those who are Amazon Prime members. It’s website states, the $200 Kindle Voyage is being offered for $150, the $120 Kindle Paperwhite can be purchased for $90, and the $80 standard Kindle is priced at $50.

But these cheap Kindles now!

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8 thoughts on “The Newest Kindle”

  1. love your site and enjoyed reading about the kindle. I have never had a kindle before but a lot of people i know have one and they say they are great.
    I prefer to read just books, but will probably buy a kindle in the future as then i can throw all my books away and will have so much space in my room!
    I like the code names to the newest kindle – soda and whiskey!

    1. Hi Jenny,

      Thanks! Getting a Kindle will definitely free up space in your room. I too, like the code names of the newest Kindle. I hope you get one soon. All the best!

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the new kindle release. We have kindles in our home as they are perfect size for little hands (and pretty sturdy as well!). While I typically never get the newest version of anything it’s great to know that some of the older versions will be reduced in price soon!

    1. Hi Momma Bear,

      Thanks for reading my post. Glad that you have Kindles in your home. I hope soon you will get the latest version to enjoy the latest features. All the best!

  3. I don’t own a Kindle myself, but i have seen some of my friends use them. I didn’t really know much about it but i have been thinking about being one for a while.

    I know enough now to know that I want a kindle as well, books are cool but the kindle make things easy!

    1. Hi Theo,

      Thanks for stopping by here. I am glad that you found the post informative. I hope you get a Kindle soon. All the best!

  4. Hi, good info. on the newest Kindle.

    I see this post only talked about the latest model, but have not say anything about the last model.
    I know it is “the newest kindle” but I think it would be good to have a quick spec. on the newest kindle, as well as a simple chart with simple spec. to compare different Kindle. Or maybe a highlight on what enhanced from last model Kindle compare to the newest one. so that when I look at the latest model, I will also why it is good on the latest model.


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