5 Reasons Why Reading Is Important

Reading is important

I remember being reminded constantly by my parents as well as my teachers about why reading was important. Now as an adult, I realize reading is important and that they were correct in instilling this in me.  Although the media and technology has made it so much easy for us but nothing can replace reading.

 Here are 5 reasons why reading is important.

1. Reading improves your imagination and creativity

Reading exposes you to a world of imagination. Imagination which is also called the faculty of imagining is the ability to form new images and sensations in the mind. It is said that are not perceived through senses such as sight, hearing, or other senses showing you nothing is impossible in this world. Reading helps you explore a different perspective and how different actions leads to different result. People who read a lot are adding more to their knowledge base and thus structuring new solutions and answers.

2. Reading helps with linking your brain

Our brain which is functions as the coordinating center of sensation and intellectual activity is being linked to an author. It appears possible that reading can improve the “connectivity” between the various brain circuits that are essential to understanding the written word. It is said that simply reading a good novel can keep that enhanced “connectivity” working for days, and possibly longer, after we have finished the book.

3. Reading improves your understanding

The more you read, the more you understand one thing. If you are reading about snakes and their habits, you will get to know which snakes are harmful and which are not. You will learn about what happens if you get bitten by a harmful snake. Reading also increases the understanding of the rules of life, in order for you to adapt, adopt, accommodate, assimilate, and acculturate into the society better. To play well in a game, you first need to understand the rules well. Reading also helps you understand the world, its various cultures, customs, and traditions. So when you meet people from other countries etc., you have a better understanding of them.

4. Reading improves your communication

Communication is the most important tool which can be transmitted through reading. As you communicate through reading, you comprehend more, and thus you can communicate better with people. As with a person that knows nothing, he/she hasn’t had anything to share, and he/she probably doe not even understand what people are sharing. Through reading, you form a more solid foundation for communication. It is one of the most important tools we use every day to connect with people. if you don’t read, you can’t even connect with the world and what people are talking about out there. Reading connects you with the world.

5. Reading teaches you new things

Through reading, you expose yourself to new things, new information, new ways to solve problems, and new ways to achieve one thing. Who knows – you might discover your new hobby. Who knows – you might actually explore one thing you really like and it may end up becoming your career and success in the future. Exploration, probing, and examining begin from reading and understanding.

The early reminder of our parents and teachers that reading is important should be conveyed to our children and grandchildren. I hope we will not replace reading with other activities that will prevent us from reading. The 5 reasons in this post are compelling enough to conclude that reading is important and to make reading part of our lives. Happy reading!

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