How to Choose the Best eReader for Children

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eReaders are here to stay and it is important to know how to choose the best eReader for children.  There are several ways to find out which is the best eReader for your child.

What are the best features in an eReader for children that you should be looking for?

Ereaders For Children
ereaders for Children
    • eReaders should be kid-friendly –  As a parent, you may want to know if your child is going to be able to successfully operate the eReader as well as the availability of certain books and genres for the eReader. The controls should be easy to learn, and the child should be able to access titles that are going to encourage a lifelong love of reading.
    • eReaders should be durable – They should be able to withstand the occasional drop. I am almost certain that they will fall off the hands of your child, table or bed and they should be durable. Although they can be protected with a case, they are likely to get a lot of use by a child.
    • eReaders should be easy on the eyes – staring at bright lights on iPhones and tablets play a role in our overall well-being and it is important to choose an eReader that is easy on the eyes and minimizes the effect of blue light on the eyes.
    • eReaders should have a large selection of children eBooks – Rather than traditional books, they have thousands of titles at their fingertips, ready to read. From young adult books, to children’s books, there are a few things parents should consider when they are choosing an e-reader for their children. E-books open a world of books not available in print and 1,000’s are free. There are only so many trees in the forest too.
    • Tablet vs eReaders – Tablets come with more features and can be more expensive. Tablets provide a richer experience as they have color LCDs and it makes using them enjoyable. On the other hand, eReaders have black and white screens and they can be read in sunlight. One will not have the same experience reading a tablet in sunlight. That makes reading an ereader easy on the eyes. Another plus is that eReaders are cheaper and have longer battery life than tablets.
eReader for Children

Kobo vs Kindle

When thinking about the best ereader for children, there are several to choose from. They are the Nook, Kobo, and Ectaco jetBook.  In looking at the Kobo vs Kindle,  some suggest the Kobo Mini for Kids because of its size, a 5-inch screen, and weighs less, to boot. It has settings that can be adjusted as well as its operating system makes it a good choice.

The Kindle, however, does get the best rating and reviews. The Kindle is lightweight, less distractive compared to other devices that has all the bells and whistles and meets all the requirements that are listed above. Click here to learn more about Kindle Kids and its features.