Kindle Vs iPad For Reading

Kindle Vs iPad for ReadingKindle vs iPad

As you know Apple and Amazon are two giant companies and their products such as the Kindle and iPad are used all over the globe. These are two amazing devices. As far as Kindle vs iPad, there are differences. One is mainly used for communication and the other for reading.

Now now both these devices are used for reading. According to the Pew Research Center the number of American people who have a tablet or an e-book reader among those 16 and older now stands at 43%.

The question many ask, which will give you the better reading experience?  In this article, I look at Amazon Kindle vs iPad and will see which device has the upper hand when it comes to the best reading experience.

Before diving into this, let’s firstly look at what these two devices are:

What is the Amazon Kindle?

Kindle vs iPad for Reading
Kindle Reading

The Amazon Kindle is a hand held electronic device very similar to the iPad. It has been developed by the online retailer Amazon.  

Amazon released the Kindle, the first generation device on November 19, 2007.  It delivered black and white text, and rough images, which you could read on a screen.  

Since then, it has developed a number of models and with additional features.  Today we have newer models such as Kindle Fire, Kindle Voyage and the Kindle Paperwhite.

What is the Apple iPad?

An iPad is a handheld tablet computing device created by Apple. The first iPad was released on April 3, 2010. Since then it has released five iPad models. Millions of people are currently using this device and is the most popular tablet device on the market. Apple has two main models available, the iPad and iPad mini.  The iPad is large with a 9.7 inch color screen; the iPad mini has a 7.9 inch display.

Since both these devices promote reading, they have their own app stores. Let’s look at them:

Buying books on the Amazon Kindle vs Apple iPad

When it comes to books, both the Amazon Kindle and Apple iPad have exciting and vibrant book apps. What the Amazon Kindle does is that it enables you to buy and read a range of bestsellers from the Amazon Kindle store. Users can also subscribe to a range of newspapers and magazine articles. These are specially formatted for the Amazon Kindle.

The Apple App store has, unquestionably, the upper hand here though. It has an iBooks app with its own iBooks Store. Its iBook store has a vast range of best sellers and free books.  An additional feature is that you can also buy the Amazon Kindle app for the iPad, which gives you access to any Kindle books, magazines and newspapers purchased or subscribed to from the Kindle Store.

Which is better: Kindle or iPad for reading?

There is no dispute with regard to the versatility and capability of the iPad. With Apple’s operating system and its app store, it definitely has an upper hand on the Amazon Kindle but is it the better device for reading.

Here are some features and comments from users of both these devices.

Let’s look first at the Kindle:

Amazon Kindle and Voyage feature stellar battery ratings and specifications meant for voracious readers. The Apple iPad has an impressive battery life of around 10 hours, but it’s measured in hours, not days. The iPad needs recharging every day.
The Kindle does not have notifications that interrupt while during reading
The Kindle is formatted for reading and you dot get distracted by notifications.
The Kindle is easy on the eyes.
The Kindle has no color and no backlight. It actually looks the same (if not better) than paper.
Reading is an experience best enjoyed without distractions
You can simply turn on your kindle and it will be ready to go, at the page you left off on.
The size and weight is a huge plus.

Now let’s look at the iPad:

Battery will need to be charged almost on a daily basis especially when reading over a long period of time.
iPad has notifications, if not turned off can interrupt you while reading
With the iPad there are so many things to do with it, so many cool apps to try out which can be distracting (although you can turn this off but when you are on your iPad, you want to get these notifications).
With the iPad, it tries to do a little bit of everything. It is great at many things.
iPad has color and backlight that can cause some eye strain when used for reading for  a prolonged period of time.
The iPad is heavier than a Kindle

My Choice

Kindle vs iPad for Reading
Both these devices are great. One cannot argue with the reputation of apple’s iPad and its many features and  functionality. It enjoys global popularity but when it comes to making the best choice. I would give the Kindle a 5 start for reading experience and would choose that over the iPad. The iPad is not specifically formatted for the purpose of prolonged reading. The weight, no distraction, longer battery life, no color and back light and the fact that it was designed for reading, makes the Kindle a better device for reading than Apple’s iPad.

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20 thoughts on “Kindle Vs iPad For Reading”

  1. Hey Rodney!

    Great article about the Kindle!
    It is amazing how tablets have evolved form to 3 to 5 years ago!
    Nowadays we can have a hole office in this kind of device and amazon is not behind on the race! Kindle is indeed a good peace of hardware! I think they should evolve in the near future with more settings and features, alongside with apple’s iPads!

    Best Regards!

    1. Hi Tiago,

      Thank you for your comments. I do believe Amazon is building on the reading side as this is what it is designed for. If compared with Apple’s iPad, it does not have a lot going but when it comes to the best reading experience, the Kindle is a better device.

  2. Great article. I totally agree with you about the Kindle too. I think for reading it definitely has the upperhand with the weight and the no backlighting on the screen.
    For the price too I don’t think you can go wrong. It just seems to cheap!
    Do you know how many books the Kindle can have on it though? I don’t think I ever remembering about how much storage space it has….

    1. Hi Anne,

      Thank you for your kind comments. Yes the price is great as well. As far as storage space, the Kindle Paperwhite has 2 GB of storage. Some previous Kindle models had 4GB of storage. 2GB allows you to hold up to 1,100 locally on your device.

      In addition, the entire Kindle library is stored for free in the Amazon cloud, and you can easily move books from the cloud onto your device. It is said that 8GB internal (approximately 6GB available for user content) can store up to 6,000 books. All the best!

  3. Very informational. I have a kindle that I use for reading, but I don’t use an iPad, My wife has the iPad, but I have never used it for reading an electronic book. Personally, I still prefer to read from a paper book because I can check how long is a chapter as with Kindle I am not sure where is the last page of the chapter, and I find it harder to flip pages as compared to a real book. I sound like a techno dinosaur.

    1. Hi Vincent,

      Thank you for your comments. The Kindle Paperwhite has a feature called Page Flip. This will will show you where you are are and it also enables you to move quickly through a book and return to your original location, without setting a bookmark. All the best!

  4. Hi Rod

    Thanks for this post.

    I have one of the original kindle’s and I have to say I absolutely love it. I was considering getting the kindle fire however I don’t feel that I need to. The kindle is great for what it is and that is to read books.

    I love how the page looks like you are reading an actual book and you can sit and read in the sunshine without any problems. No more having to lug various books on your holidays.

    You are right about the battery life too mine will easily last over 4 weeks without me needing to charge it.

    1. Hi Dawn,

      Thank you for your kind comments. I am glad that you are enjoying your Kindle. Indeed, the Kindle is great for what it is and that is to read books. All the best!

  5. Hi great article !
    First, sorry if my english is not perfect), i’m french !

    I own an iPad, and sometimes i read comics on it. I can tell you, that it is certainly no the best reader out there !

    I like reading but i find that the light from the screen of the iPad is not pleasant…

    I would like to have a Kindle, but the only thing that is holding me back, is that you can’t read in dark rooms…

    What is your advice ? :)

    1. Hi Palanquator,

      Your English is great! Thanks for your comments. Get the Kindle Paperwhite. With its illuminated display, you can read in both light and dark. All the best!

  6. I am familiar with ipad but I was not aware of kindle and for some time I was coming across this word often, so I was interested in knowing what is a Kindle. So I found this article very interesting as I was curious in knowing about Kindle. After reading your post, though Kindle looks good, i would still prefer ipad over a Kindle as I was well versed with it.

    1. Hi Sundar,

      I am glad you are enjoying your iPad but as I state in my article when it comes to reading, the Kindle is a better device – good for the eyes, and it gives you a better all round reading experience. All the best!

  7. Hi Rodney
    Thank you so very much for this article.I was eager to see what your personal pick would be at the end.

    I would go the same way.I do own an iPad, but I dislike reading from this device.I find that the experience is nothing close to that of having a real book by your side.

    Though, I do not own a Kindle, I have had the privilege of using my friends one. I can tell you first hand, reading from it, is way better…..

    In fact, I am looking at getting one for my wife for her anniversary.

    Which one would you recommend between the Voyage and Paperweight?

    Thanks, will be chatting to you soon.

    1. Hi Roopesh,

      Thank you for your comments. Both Kindle versions are great. I would personally choose the Kindle Voyage. It is a better e-reader than the Kindle Paperwhite in almost every way. It’s got a slightly better screen with improved back-lighting; a nicer, more compact, more tactile design; and double the internal storage.

      I know your wife will appreciate this gift. Happy Anniversary!

  8. Nice evaluation of the Kindle vs iPad battle. For me, it’s really difficult because the Kindle is a dedicated ebook reader (not the Fire HD) and the iPad is more like an oversize PDA. Personally, I think for reading I would prefer the Kindle as it has less things to distract you. For the iPad, I’ll probably end up playing games anyway.

  9. Hi Rodney,
    I would have to totally agree with you about the kindle being the one that is easier to read from. I have a kindle 6inch with touch screen and glare free. I take it everywhere and nothing is more annoying to not be able to see what you are trying to read because of glare from the sun. The size and weight are perfect to fit inside my bag and I don’t have to worry about trying to read pages that are ripped and torn like you would from a regular book.
    Can’t believe how much they have changed over the years!

  10. Great comparison! This is a subjective preference, but I’ll have to agree that the Kindle is better, although I don’t own one.

    When you think ‘iPad’ you think of the app store, camera, games, all that. Books are nowhere near the main selling point. But the kindle is like digital paper. It’s for books. There’s really no contest.

    I loved the article! Nice work!

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