7 Reasons to buy a refurbished Kindle

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Let’s define the word “Refurbished”

Refurbished Kindle

I am going to share with you 7 reasons to buy a refurbished Kindle. Now, I understand your apprehension about buying a refurbished Kindle – many are.

Some people think that refurbs are faulty products hastily pushed on to the next consumer (rejects!). But in many cases, refurbished products such as electronics are a great steal—”good as new” that cost much less and last at least as long as their brand-new counterparts.

The key to buying refurbished products especially electronics without having problems is to know where to look and doing a bit of shopping detective work.

I know that this word “refurbished” may conjure up not-so-reassuring images of retailers and manufacturers resurrecting defective products, lots of items fall under the “refurbished” umbrella.

You may know from experience that sometimes we may return a product for a refund without even opening the box or using the item at all. When this happens, the item cannot be sold as new and has to be offered as a refurbished product—often at a deep discount (around 15 to 30 percent).

Here are other reasons products get labeled refurbished:

  • Sometimes during shipping minor scratches or dents to the product. This would force a retailer to return it to the manufacturer where it is put on the refurbish checkout lane.
  • Demonstration units (demos) used at retail stores or product reviewers may be repackaged as refurbished items.
  • Opened box can mean anything – a customer may have changed his/her mind and returns the item. Technically, there should be no issue and the item is “like new,” but the box was simply opened.
  • If a defect in one part is found, manufacturers might repair the returned defective units and sell them or send them to retailers as refurbished units.

Every Certified Refurbished Amazon Device is backed by the same limited warranty as a brand-new device.

Here’s why you are safe to buy refurbished Kindles

According to Amazon, prior to sale, every pre-owned Amazon Device (including a refurbished kindle) undergoes a rigorous refurbishment process, including:

  • A full diagnostic test
  • Replacement of any defective parts identified in testing
  • A thorough cleaning and inspection process
  • A new product box
  • A software update to the most recent software version available for the device
  • A full one-year limited warranty, just like a brand-new device.

My best advice would be to shop from a reputable source and look for a generous warranty.

So you see, buying a refurbished Kindle is not bad at all. I hope that you will now see this from a different perspective. Given the reasons why they are labeled as refurbished and if there is a generous warranty, buying one will not be a bad idea.

If you would like to leave your personal review or experience of a refurbished Kindle or you have any questions, please do leave them below. I would love to hear your feedback!

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