Replace Old Kindle With New

Replace Old Kindle With NewReplace old Kindle with new? Let me tell you why. Before I tell you this, you will remember that in April of this year, the giant e-commerce online company released its 8th edition, the Kindle Oasis. When I looked at it’s price, I heard many comment about how expensive it was. It is a good edition to have if you have the money and want to enjoy it’s great features.  If $290 for the Kindle Oasis is out of your reach, then there’s good news. 

When you’ve owned Kindles for two or three years you’ll find yourself wondering whether or not  you should I replace them.

If you want to get a cheaper basic Kindle or the Kindle Paperwhite, they are on their way. If you own one of them, you can replace them with new models.

Why Replace Old Kindle with new?

Personally I like replacing older digital devices with new ones. There are so many advantages to doing this. For me when I hear that there is going to more storage space, I welcome this. But let’s look at other reasons why replace old kindle with new.

If you like a color change, then this is for you. You will notice that the biggest difference in the upgraded model is probably in the color options – these models will now be available in ivory white.

These newer models will also be thinner and lighter, with more rounded edges. The Kindle still has the lower-res 167 ppi touchscreen, while the Paperwhite has the sharper 300 ppi touchscreen with lighting. As far as storage is concerned, both will now have 4 GB on the device.

One great new feature to both updated Kindles is Bluetooth connectivity. Now those who are blind can use these new models as amazon added this feature specifically for those with blindness — using Amazon’s VoiceView feature.

With Bluetooth eBooks can be read aloud over a speaker like an audiobook, which is great for books that haven’t gotten the audiobook treatment.

You can also purchase the Paperwhite in an accessibility bundle that includes an audio adapter for the micro USB port.

According to amazon, the new Amazon Kindle will be available on July 7. The starting price will be at $80 for the ad-supported Wi-Fi-only model. The new Kindle Paperwhite will be available on June 30 starting at $120.

To replace an old Kindle with new makes sense as they now have 4 GB storage and with Bluetooth connectivity, it adds a voice feature that turns the Kindle into an audio-book. According to Amazon, here’s additional features:

  • All-new design is thinner and lighter.
  • Easy on your eyes – touchscreen display reads like real paper
  • No screen glare, even in bright sunlight, unlike tablets
  • Single battery charge lasts weeks, not hours
  • No alerts or notifications so you can get lost in your story
  • Holds thousands of books – choose from new releases and bestsellers, or from over a million titles at $2.99 or less
  • Try Kindle Unlimited free for 30 days – includes over 1 million titles

Let me know if you have any questions.

Best Kindle To Buy

New KindleThere is a new Kindle. Amazon has announced it’s newest Kindle.I believe given it’s features and benefits, it is the best Kindle to buy. It has the following features:

It’s Features

It has new design that is thinner and lighter. It is 11% thinner and 16% lighter than the previous generation Kindle. What is cool about this Kindle is that it is designed makes it easy and comfortable to hold in one hand.

It is also available in colors black or white. Another important feature is that it is easy on your eyes and reads like real paper. According to amazon, Kindle uses actual ink particles and proprietary, hand-built fonts to create crisp text. You will notice that it similar to what you see in a physical book.

I also like this Kindle because there is no screen glare, even in bright. If you have other tables, it cannot compare with this Kindle. You will also not receive e-mail alerts and notifications so that you can read without any of these disturbances.

Best Kindle to BuyIt’s Benefits

Recent studies have shown that evening exposure to blue light from back-lit screens like tablets and smartphones affects one’s health. Blue light from back-lit screens can suppress the body’s production of melatonin, a naturally occurring hormone that helps the body fall asleep. Now when you want to read at night, you do not have to worry about this because the Kindle display emits no light, you can read anytime without losing sleep.

I also believe this is the best Kindle to buy because of it’s benefit to the eyes. You will notice the reflective glare on tablets and smart phones screens but with this Kindle, it eliminates glare in any setting—even direct sunlight.

This Kindle holds thousands of books – choose from new releases and bestsellers, or from over a million titles at $2.99 or less. You canb also try Kindle Unlimited free for 30 days – includes over 1 million titles.

It has a long battery life. It lasts weeks, not hours. It is said that Kindle doesn’t need power to maintain a page of text. That means that it allows you to read for weeks on a single charge.

What is the best Kindle to buy, it is this. It cost $79.99 and it is all book, no glare and zero distractions. As someone who is concerned about the effects of blue light on the eyes, this Kindle is good for eye health.


Forgiveness on Kindle

Forgiveness on KindleI did a search on amazon to find a book on forgiveness on Kindle. I came across many. But the one that resonated with me was a book by two South Africans. As someone who was born in South Africa, I experienced a lot of anger because of apartheid. When democratic reforms took place, it was not easy to forgive those who oppressed you. To add this, the issue of forgiveness became very controversial especially when President Nelson Mandela called on the country to forgive and to work for racial reconciliation. He believed that forgiveness was important for healing to take place. In this post I want to share about forgiveness in general and then present a book by Desmond and Mpho Tutu who wrote about forgiveness.

What is Forgiveness?

It is said that forgiveness is the intentional and voluntary process by which a victim undergoes a change in feelings and attitude regarding an offense. The victim then lets go of negative emotions such as being revengeful, with an increased ability to wish the offender well.

In other words it is to stop feeling anger toward someone who has done you wrong. It is also to stop blaming that person. It also means to stop requiring payment of (money that is owed).

Wow! The above definition reads so easy but yet, if one is a victim, it is not easy to take that step of forgiving the person who has wronged you. It is much harder if the person who has wronged you does not deserve your forgiveness. Now as a person of faith, I tap into a spiritual resource that helps me to forgive and this is made easier because I have been forgiven by God. Now I am not going to focus on that, as I realize that not all of you are persons of faith. Let’s move on.

Having looked at what forgiveness is where the victim takes the step towards the other. It will be helpful to know what forgiveness is not.

What Forgiveness is Not

Experts, especially psychologists state that when you forgive, you do not sweep the issue under the carpet or for a better phrase, gloss over or deny the seriousness of an offense against you. I know there are some who say that you should forget the offence. There are others who say that forgiveness does not mean forgetting, nor does it mean condoning or excusing offenses. Though forgiveness can help repair a damaged relationship, it doesn’t obligate you to reconcile with the person who harmed you.

What does Forgiveness Do?

Well, if experts are saying that you should not forget how serious the offence is and not to condone the offense, what then does forgiving that person do. Forgiveness brings the forgiver peace of mind and frees him or her from corrosive anger. It seem that anger is the culprit over here.

Forgiveness and Anger

Anger is a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility. When there is the absence of forgiveness this feeling, if not controlled, can sometime affect you both physically and physiologically.

Now we all know that anger is a completely normal, usually healthy, human emotion. But as I mentioned, when it gets out of control, it can be destructive. It can lead to problems. Uncontrolled anger can affect you at  work, in your personal relationships, and in the overall quality of your life. I have seen many people who carry anger and seen how adversely this has affected them.

According to experts, forgiveness has lots of benefits.

Benefits of Forgiveness
  • Forgiveness makes us happier: Research suggests not only that happy people are more likely to forgive but that forgiving others can make people feel happy, especially when they forgive someone to whom they feel close.
  • Forgiveness improves our health: Dwelling on grudges can cause blood pressure and heart rate to spike—signs of stress which damage the body; when we forgive, our stress levels decrease. Our immune system is affected when we hold grudges.
  • Forgiveness sustains relationships: Here too, when we hold grudges, they make us less likely to sacrifice or cooperate with folks we relate to. There will be issues of trust and commitment. It is said that forgiveness can stop this downward spiral and repair our relationship before it dissolves.
  • Forgiveness is good for marriages (most of the time): It is found that spouses who are more forgiving and less vindictive are better at managing and resolving conflicts effectively in their marriage. Those who are in a healthy satisfying relationship were those who are more forgiving. However, when more forgiving spouses were frequently mistreated by their husband or wife, they became less satisfied with their marriage.
  • Forgiveness boosts kindness and connectedness: People who feel forgiving don’t only feel more positive toward someone who hurt them. They are also more likely to want to volunteer and donate money to charity, and they feel more connected to other people in general.
  • Forgiveness can help heal the wounds of war. With the tragic effects of war on people in counties who have experienced war, their trauma was reduced because they learned forgiveness skills.

As a person who was born in South Africa, I cannot think of two outstanding human persons, Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela who talked and practiced radical forgiveness in their respective lives.

South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission, initiated by Mandela and chaired by Tutu  is widely credited with encouraging forgiveness and reconciliation after the end of apartheid in South Africa.  Archbishop Desmond Tutu, has argued that forgiveness is the path to “true enduring peace.”

Books on Forgiveness on Kindle

There are many books on forgiveness on Kindle. One book with co-authors,  Desmond Tutu and his daughter Mpho Tutu entitled, The Book of Forgiving: The Fourfold Path for Healing Ourselves and Our World is a book about forgiveness that will you find most insightful. It is a highly rated book and if you want to read about healing ourselves and the word.

I found one of the top reviews of this book

In The Book of Forgiving, Desmond Tutu and his daughter, Mpho Tutu are inviting us to join them on the path of forgiveness so that we can ‘heal the world by healing each and every one of our hearts’. I was invited to share my story of forgiveness for this book, which is quite an honor, and when I received my copy upon its release, I was surprised at how much grief I hadn’t yet processed as I read it. I have told my story many times, both in person and in writing. Telling the Story is the first step on this Fourfold Path of Forgiveness. Naming the Hurt is the second step on the path and this is where I had not completed the journey. I had no words to name my hurt over losing my husband and 13 year old daughter in a terrorist attack. I certainly felt it but it was so overwhelming that I plunged into the third step of Granting Forgiveness so that I could restore peace within myself. I discovered I could not truly Release the Relationship to this event and Renew my relationship with life without Naming the Hurt. Even now my eyes fill with tears as I write this. Healing the heart is a process of liberation that requires full acknowledgement of the emotional pain that splits the heart into pieces. I am so grateful to Desmond and Mpho Tutu for outlining the importance of this step and giving many examples from the stories of others who have suffered violent, unexpected losses of dear ones. By allowing ourselves to fully accept the reality by naming it, frees us from being bound by the shackles of that which cannot be changed. Forgiveness is then possible. By practicing this Fourfold Path on a regular basis we not only create inner peace, we give the gift of peace to everyone in our world? KiaScherr

As a South African I have observed how Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela has led with grace and integrity. I believe their ability and capacity to forgive has earned them so much of admiration by people around the world. I am glad that the writings of the Tutus on Forgiveness on Kindle is available. It is a must read!



What Is The Latest Kindle?

Kindle OasisAmazon has been releasing new Kindles since 2007. These series of e-book readers by has been enabling users to shop for, download, browse, and read e-books, newspapers, magazines and other digital media via wireless networking. So what is the latest Kindle? Well, the giant online store has come up with it’s latest version called Oasis which, according to amazon, will be release on April 27, 2016.

Amazon has continued to make reading an enjoyable experience and it’s philosophy with the Kindle line has been consistent for nearly 10 years now i.e. to make the device disappear, by making it as close to paper as possible.

So with its latest Kindle, is it reflecting this philosophy? I have listed all that you need to know about Kindle Oasis and see for yourself if that is the case.

What You Should Know About the Latest Kindle Oasis?

As I mentioned, amazon philosophy is to design their device as close to paper. There are still many out there who prefer reading a physical book. I believe as time passes, they will start to get used to the idea of ereaders. The information here that reflects the Kindle Oasis’s design, capabilities and functionality seems to be making it easier for people to embrace ereaders.  Here’s the information about the Kindle Oasis.

Let’s look at its price, quality, design, comfort, and battery life:

 It’s Price

A Kindle can cost you between $40 and $200. The latest Kindle Oasis, which will be released by amazon on April 27, 2016 will cost you you $289. Although this is high, it can be justified because of the following:

It’s Quality

  • Higher quality – it has the strongest cover glass with a featherweight frame – resilient enough to take anywhere you want to read.
  • It has the highest resolution with enhancing lighting – the high-resolution 300 ppi display for crisp, laser-quality text—all on the same 6” display size as Kindle Voyage.
  • It also has a high quality leather cover for the charger. You can choose between black, merlot, or walnut.
It’s New Design
  • It is the thinnest and lightest – 20% lighter and 30% thinner on average than any other Kindle. It is designed to feel as light as paper.
  • It has a redesigned built-in light features 60% more LEDs than any other Kindle, increasing the consistency and range of screen brightness for improved reading in all types of lighting.
  • Another cool feature is that the cover opens like a book. And when opened it fits closely around the bezel, waking Kindle Oasis when opened and putting it to sleep when closed
It’s Comfort
  • The Kindle Oasis is more comfortable to read – The hand-grip tapers to an ultra-thin 0.13” display so you can read comfortably for hours.
  • It is also designed for comfort – It has a tapered ergonomic hand-grip which shifts the center of gravity to your palm, to rest in your hand like the spine of a book. Perfectly balanced for one-handed reading. This feature allows you to enjoy your reading experience – you get lost in your story.
  • You are able to comfortably turn the page with either the touch display or dedicated page turn buttons located on the front of the hand-grip. It caters for those choosing to read with their left or right hand, Kindle Oasis automatically rotates the page orientation to match.
  • It has a redesigned feature where the device guides light toward the surface of the display with its built-in front light. Now this is unlike back-lit tablets that shine in your eyes. With the Kindle Oasis you can read comfortably for hours without causing strain on your eyes.
Battery Life
  • Longer lasting battery – It has a dual-battery charging system delivers months of battery life—the longest ever.
  • It’s new design allows you to charge the device and cover simultaneously while snapped together and plugged in. When on the go, the cover will automatically recharge the device, giving you months of combined battery life. Plus, a new hibernation mode minimizes power consumption when your Kindle is inactive, extending battery life to its fullest capacity.

For all those e-reader lovers, this device, although a little pricey, will definitely make one’s reading experience more enjoyable. I continue to appreciate the fact that amazon is leading the way in making reading an enjoyable experience by the e-reader’s  design, quality, functionality and new additions. Off course, I also love the fact that Kindle Oasis like some of the other versions, is best for the eyes because of it’s built-in front light.

Click below to go to amazon to buy the latest Kindle Oasis


The Newest Kindle

The Kindle
The Kindle

Toward the end of last year, I wrote about Amazon’s plans to launch a new edition of Kindle in 2016. Well, it is going to happen. There are hints that the e-commerce giant Amazon is going to release the newest Kindle as early as next week. The new Kindles, is being code-named “Soda” and “Whiskey” Amazon is continuing to push new ideas and that is great for ereaders. .

Building on it/s flagship Kindle Voyage, Amazon’s newest 8th Kindle edition is expected to serve as the substitute for the Voyage instead of the cheaper Kindle Paperwhite, which costs $120.

According to Amazon’s chief executive, Jeff Bezos’ twitter message on Monday, an “all-new, top of the line Kindle” is almost ready, and promised the company would reveal details next week. His twitter message revealed more: “Heads up readers — all-new, top of the line Kindle almost ready,” he tweeted. “8th generation. Details next week.” I cannot wait to get my hands on this newest Kindle.

Some sources are reporting that the new high-end Amazon ereader will come with a “rechargeable protective case for extended battery life.” What is cool about this is that the battery case will be removable, allowing the Kindle to “be thinner than earlier devices,”

What Will Be Different About The Newest Kindle?

  • It will have a rechargeable protective case for extended battery life
  • It will be thinner than earlier devices
  • It will have a separate solar-powered battery case (According to the Journal – it’s “unlikely” the case will hit store shelves in the “immediate future.” When it does arrive it will mean that the battery can be charged using solar power. It has a stated goal of getting 40% of its power from renewable energy sources by year-end, from 25% last April.
  • I am sure, since it is going to be a high-end Kindle, it will not be cheap.

Want to get the newest Kindle? It is coming! You will certainly enjoy the great features that this device will be offering ebook readers. I am particularly excited about the solar-powered battery

If you are not ready to get the newest Kindle, check out the other editions below. The giant e-commerce is currently offering huge discounts on its current-generation Kindles for those who are Amazon Prime members. It’s website states, the $200 Kindle Voyage is being offered for $150, the $120 Kindle Paperwhite can be purchased for $90, and the $80 standard Kindle is priced at $50.

But these cheap Kindles now!

Is Kindle Unlimited Worth It?

It is a legitimate question given the promotion of ebooks by the various ereaders. In this article, I will try and answer the question, Is Kindle Unlimited Worth It? Here we will look at amazon’s service as it relates to reading, listening and that it’s books can be read on any device.  I will also share amazon’s response to customers questions about this service.

So let’s begin by looking at each of their “unlimited” service:

Kindle Unlimited Genres and Authors

According to amazon, their Kindle Unlimited is a new service that allows you to read as much as you want, choosing from over 1 million titles and thousands of audio-books. Yes, you read that correct, over 1 million titles. Now that is a lot of books.

With new authors appearing all the time and many of their books making it to the best sellers list, you have access to them. With Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial”  you can freely explore these new authors, books, and genres from mysteries and romance to sci-fi and more.

Now as you all know, books are either non-fiction or fiction. Books that are non-fiction contain factual information, such as biographies and history books. Fiction books contain a story where the author makes it up.

Non-fiction and fiction books can be further divided into many different sub-types, called “genres.” 

Now here’s why Kindle Unlimited gives you so much in terms of the genres. Just to give you an idea of these, I listed them below:

Science fiction Satire Drama
Action and Adventure Romance Mystery, Fantasy
Horror Self help Health
Guide Travel Children’s
Religion, Spirituality Science History
Math Anthology Poetry
Encyclopedias Dictionaries Comics
Art Cookbooks Diaries
Journals Prayer books Series
Trilogy Biographies Autobiographies

In some of my earlier articles, I wrote about the convenience of the Kindle in terms of its functionality and technical features but there’s so much more to explore with the Kindle ereader. Freedom is what we all cherish. The Kindle Unlimited gives you the freedom to explore.

Explore what? You can explore new genres, discover new authors, and read about new adventures. And you know what? You will have unlimited access to amazon’s wide and varied selection of books.  

From business to romance, or comedy to tragedy, you will find unlimited stories. If you love the classics, you will get them too.

According to research, two of the most interesting genres of books are satire and anthologies. Satire as you may know is making fun of some sort of person or institution. Political satires, such as A Confederacy of Dunces, are quite popular works. Anthologies, which is a published collection of poems or other pieces of writing. An example would be the works of Shakespeare.

Let’s now look at the next service:

Listening – Unlimited Narration

This is another cool service that amazon provides. It has a free audible audiobook. This mean that you can listen to free professionally narrated books.

How does this feature work? I know some would like to hear a book read to them. I also know there are some of you who would love to continue with your book when you get onto the road etc. I think you will love this feature as it takes care of both of the above..

It has a feature called Whispersync that speaks loud and clear to those of us who love to listen to our books as much as we love to read them. So whenever you see “Kindle Unlimited with Narration,” you can switch seamlessly between reading and listening without ever losing your place.

All you need to do is tap the play button. You can use your earphone so that even when you are in the car, in the gym, in the kitchen – wherever your day takes you. You can keep the story going.

Kindle does not restrict you as to which device you can use to read your book. For me, personally I like the Kindle as it is the best device for the eyes.

Unlimited – On Any Device

Not everyone has a Kindle and what this service does is, it allows you to read your favorite book on any device.

Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited, allows you to take every word, every sentence, every story, everywhere you go. So whether you have an iPad, tablet, computer, you can read your book on any of these devices.

If you have questions like the ones below about this service, here’s what amazon says:

Frequently Asked Questions on amazon

Amazon has responded to some of the Frequently Asked Questions. As per Amazon, here they are:

Q: How can I access Kindle Unlimited books?

A: You can find Kindle Unlimited books everywhere you shop for Kindle books today. Look for the Kindle Unlimited icon throughout the Kindle Store and click on the “Read for Free” button on Kindle book pages to start reading.

You can find popular titles and recommendations from our editors on the Kindle Unlimited page or browse our entire catalog and refine by your favorite genre.

Q: Do I need a Kindle device to enjoy Kindle Unlimited?

A: No. You can read Kindle Unlimited books on your Kindle device or your phone, tablet or computer with our free Kindle Reading apps.

Q: How can I access Kindle Unlimited audiobooks?

A: You can enjoy Kindle Unlimited audiobooks on Kindle Fire HDX tablets, iOS or Android phones and tablets with a free Kindle Reading apps and Audible’s free listening apps.

Look for the Kindle Unlimited ‘With Narration’ icon on Kindle book pages or browse our catalog of titles with free audiobook companions.

Q: Are Public Domain titles included in Kindle Unlimited? If so, why?

A: Around 500 public domain titles are included in Kindle Unlimited, all of which we’ve synched with their free audiobook companions as a benefit to Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

Q: How can I sign-up for Kindle Unlimited on my iOS device?

A: To sign-up for Kindle Unlimited on your iPhone or iPad, visit in your browser. You can find and download Kindle Unlimited books from your browser the same way you shop for books in the Kindle Store and read them with our free Kindle Reading app.

Q: Is Kindle Unlimited available to customers living outside the US?

A: Kindle Unlimited is currently available only to US customers on Customers in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, India, Brazil, Mexico and Canada can sign-up for Kindle Unlimited in their local Amazon marketplace. We also plan to expand this service to other countries. Please stay tuned.


To answer the question, is Kindle Unlimited worth it?  Given the unlimited access to millions of books and that these books can also be narrated to you, and the fact that these books can be read on any device, I think the answer is clear. IT IS WORTH IT!

Click below to Start your 30 Day Free trial. You can cancel after the free trial or anytime thereafter!


Kindle Vs iPad For Reading

Kindle Vs iPad for ReadingKindle vs iPad

As you know Apple and Amazon are two giant companies and their products such as the Kindle and iPad are used all over the globe. These are two amazing devices. As far as Kindle vs iPad, there are differences. One is mainly used for communication and the other for reading.

Now now both these devices are used for reading. According to the Pew Research Center the number of American people who have a tablet or an e-book reader among those 16 and older now stands at 43%.

The question many ask, which will give you the better reading experience?  In this article, I look at Amazon Kindle vs iPad and will see which device has the upper hand when it comes to the best reading experience.

Before diving into this, let’s firstly look at what these two devices are:

What is the Amazon Kindle?

Kindle vs iPad for Reading
Kindle Reading

The Amazon Kindle is a hand held electronic device very similar to the iPad. It has been developed by the online retailer Amazon.  

Amazon released the Kindle, the first generation device on November 19, 2007.  It delivered black and white text, and rough images, which you could read on a screen.  

Since then, it has developed a number of models and with additional features.  Today we have newer models such as Kindle Fire, Kindle Voyage and the Kindle Paperwhite.

What is the Apple iPad?

An iPad is a handheld tablet computing device created by Apple. The first iPad was released on April 3, 2010. Since then it has released five iPad models. Millions of people are currently using this device and is the most popular tablet device on the market. Apple has two main models available, the iPad and iPad mini.  The iPad is large with a 9.7 inch color screen; the iPad mini has a 7.9 inch display.

Since both these devices promote reading, they have their own app stores. Let’s look at them:

Buying books on the Amazon Kindle vs Apple iPad

When it comes to books, both the Amazon Kindle and Apple iPad have exciting and vibrant book apps. What the Amazon Kindle does is that it enables you to buy and read a range of bestsellers from the Amazon Kindle store. Users can also subscribe to a range of newspapers and magazine articles. These are specially formatted for the Amazon Kindle.

The Apple App store has, unquestionably, the upper hand here though. It has an iBooks app with its own iBooks Store. Its iBook store has a vast range of best sellers and free books.  An additional feature is that you can also buy the Amazon Kindle app for the iPad, which gives you access to any Kindle books, magazines and newspapers purchased or subscribed to from the Kindle Store.

Which is better: Kindle or iPad for reading?

There is no dispute with regard to the versatility and capability of the iPad. With Apple’s operating system and its app store, it definitely has an upper hand on the Amazon Kindle but is it the better device for reading.

Here are some features and comments from users of both these devices.

Let’s look first at the Kindle:

Amazon Kindle and Voyage feature stellar battery ratings and specifications meant for voracious readers. The Apple iPad has an impressive battery life of around 10 hours, but it’s measured in hours, not days. The iPad needs recharging every day.
The Kindle does not have notifications that interrupt while during reading
The Kindle is formatted for reading and you dot get distracted by notifications.
The Kindle is easy on the eyes.
The Kindle has no color and no backlight. It actually looks the same (if not better) than paper.
Reading is an experience best enjoyed without distractions
You can simply turn on your kindle and it will be ready to go, at the page you left off on.
The size and weight is a huge plus.

Now let’s look at the iPad:

Battery will need to be charged almost on a daily basis especially when reading over a long period of time.
iPad has notifications, if not turned off can interrupt you while reading
With the iPad there are so many things to do with it, so many cool apps to try out which can be distracting (although you can turn this off but when you are on your iPad, you want to get these notifications).
With the iPad, it tries to do a little bit of everything. It is great at many things.
iPad has color and backlight that can cause some eye strain when used for reading for  a prolonged period of time.
The iPad is heavier than a Kindle

My Choice

Kindle vs iPad for Reading
Both these devices are great. One cannot argue with the reputation of apple’s iPad and its many features and  functionality. It enjoys global popularity but when it comes to making the best choice. I would give the Kindle a 5 start for reading experience and would choose that over the iPad. The iPad is not specifically formatted for the purpose of prolonged reading. The weight, no distraction, longer battery life, no color and back light and the fact that it was designed for reading, makes the Kindle a better device for reading than Apple’s iPad.

Click here to buy your Kindle  or click on the image below to Buy this Kindle for a low price of $59.99 at Amazon

How to Choose the Best eReader for Children

eReaders are here to stay and it is important to know how to choose the best eReader for children.  There are several ways to find out which is the best eReader for your child.

What are the best features in an eReader for children that you should be looking for?

Ereaders For Children
ereaders for Children
    • eReaders should be kid-friendly –  As a parent, you may want to know if your child is going to be able to successfully operate the eReader as well as the availability of certain books and genres for the eReader. The controls should be easy to learn, and the child should be able to access titles that are going to encourage a lifelong love of reading.
    • eReaders should be durable – They should be able to withstand the occasional drop. I am almost certain that they will fall off the hands of your child, table or bed and they should be durable. Although they can be protected with a case, they are likely to get a lot of use by a child.
    • eReaders should be easy on the eyes – staring at bright lights on iPhones and tablets play a role in our overall well-being and it is important to choose an eReader that is easy on the eyes and minimizes the effect of blue light on the eyes.
    • eReaders should have a large selection of children eBooks – Rather than traditional books, they have thousands of titles at their fingertips, ready to read. From young adult books, to children’s books, there are a few things parents should consider when they are choosing an e-reader for their children. E-books open a world of books not available in print and 1,000’s are free. There are only so many trees in the forest too.
    • Tablet vs eReaders – Tablets come with more features and can be more expensive. Tablets provide a richer experience as they have color LCDs and it makes using them enjoyable. On the other hand, eReaders have black and white screens and they can be read in sunlight. One will not have the same experience reading a tablet in sunlight. That makes reading an ereader easy on the eyes. Another plus is that eReaders are cheaper and have longer battery life than tablets.
eReader for Children

Kobo vs Kindle

When thinking about the best ereader for children, there are several to choose from. They are the Nook, Kobo, and Ectaco jetBook.  In looking at the Kobo vs Kindle,  some suggest the Kobo Mini for Kids because of its size, a 5-inch screen, and weighs less, to boot. It has settings that can be adjusted as well as its operating system makes it a good choice.

The Kindle, however, does get the best rating and reviews. The Kindle is lightweight, less distractive compared to other devices that has all the bells and whistles and meets all the requirements that are listed above. Click here to learn more about Kindle Kids and its features.


Top Rated Kindle

best ereader

All-new Kindle Paperwhite – Now Waterproof with 2x the Storage – Includes Special Offers

Free shipping
1 new from $129.99

as of November 21, 2018 6:34 pm GMT


  • The thinnest, lightest Kindle Paperwhite yet-with a flush-front design and 300 ppi glare-free display that reads like real paper even in bright sunlight.
  • Now waterproof, so you're free to read and relax at the beach, by the pool, or in the bath.
  • Enjoy twice the storage with 8 GB. Or choose 32 GB to hold more magazines, comics, and audiobooks.
  • Now with Audible. Pair with Bluetooth headphones or speakers to listen to your story.
  • A single battery charge lasts weeks, not hours.

The Reckoning: A Novel

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Kindle E-reader - Black, 6" Glare-Free Touchscreen Display, Wi-Fi, Built-In Audible - Includes Special Offers

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  • All-new design is thinner and lighter, and now available in your choice of black or white.
  • With built-in Audible, access the world's largest library of audiobooks. Easily switch between reading and listening on Bluetooth-enabled speakers or headphones.
  • Easy on your eyes-touchscreen display reads like real paper.
  • No screen glare, even in bright sunlight, unlike tablets.
  • Keep reading-a single charge lasts weeks, not hours.

Best Priced Kindle

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Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa, 7" Display, 8 GB, Black - with Special Offers

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  • The next generation of our best-selling Fire tablet ever - now thinner, lighter, and with longer battery life and an improved display. More durable than the latest iPad
  • Beautiful 7" IPS display with higher contrast and sharper text, a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor, and up to 8 hours of battery life. 8 or 16 GB of internal storage and a microSD slot for up to 256 GB of expandable storage.
  • Just ask Alexa for quick access to the information and entertainment you want. Ask questions, play music, check your calendar, get the news, weather, and more.
  • Ask Alexa to call or message almost anyone, or make video calls to family and friends with a Fire tablet, Echo Spot, Echo Show, or the Alexa App. Instantly connect to enabled Echo devices.
  • Enjoy millions of movies, TV shows, songs, Kindle eBooks, apps and games - including Netflix, Facebook, HBO, Spotify, and more.

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LED Reading Light, TopElek Rechargeable Book Light, 3-level Brightness (Cool and Warm) and Flexible Easy Clip On Reading Lamp, Eye Protection Brightness, Soft Table Light for Night Reading, Kindle

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  • 【4 LED & 3 Brightness Settings】This reading light offer 3 different brightness settings: High light with 4 LEDs & White light with 2 LEDs & Warm light with 2 LEDs, which are suit for working & sleeping & reading just by clicking the button.
  • 【360° Flexible Googe Neck with Silicone Cover】The goose neck is flexible which put the light on right position exactly where you want, silicone surface protects pages being clamped and offers secure grip compared to naked neck.
  • 【Non-Flicker Light & Eye-Protection】 The book light with Natural and Non-flickering light which protect your eyes. There are multi different brightness settings which try the best to offer the brightness you want and protect your eyes.
  • 【Rechargeable Lithium Battery & Portable】The built-in rechargeable lithium battery supports where you want go as it brings up to 12 hours lighting time with 2 LEDs on and 6 hours lighting time with all 4 LEDs under a full charge. Note:The battery is rechargeable but not replaceable.
  • 【NOTES】Please remove plastic films on both sides of the clamp before use. TopElek provides a 45-day money back and 18-month worry-free! We are fully guaranteed for its quality problem.