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  1. I had no idea what exactly refurbished meant and you’ve really gone through the process thoroughly which is making me think twice about buying new as apposed to a refurbished product.
    What really swung it for me was the 1 year guarantee which I did not know was offered for all refurbished goods. The software update was also a revelation and it could be that refurbished is a better option.
    It could even be that these refurbished goods come out better than the ‘new’ which sometimes miss out on the quality control check before going up for sale. It certainly makes you think! Thanks for the info. Ches

  2. Interesting article Rodney on the merits of buying a refurbished Kindle. I’ve personally never owned one and haven’t found the need or interest for it, but that certainly could change in the future. Whether or not I would buy a refurbished Kindle over a new one would probably depend on how large the discount is well as how close the condition is to being new. You’ve raised a lot of good points, and it’s definitely something to consider not just for Kindles but other products as well.

    • Hi Paul,

      Thank you for your comment. Yes, the discount is a big factor. If you decide to try out a refurbished Kindle, I encourage you to check what discount you will receive. Amazon does show you that on each of their refurbished Kindles. All the best.

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