A Wife Review of the Kindle Paperwhite

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Kindle Paperwhite
Kindle Paperwhite

I just bought my wife a gift, a Kindle Paperwhite and I asked her if she could provide a Wife Review of the Kindle Paperwhite. She obliged. This review does not have all the technical language, it is just my wife providing her thoughts about the Kindle Paperwhite in her own words. I am so glad that I bought this gift for her. She loves it.

So here’s A Wife Review of the Kindle Paperwhite

My new Paperwhite Kindle

I have always been an avid reader. I grew up next to a library and often chose reading over playing with my siblings. I would go to the library and lie on my stomach on the carpeted floor and finish book after book.

I love reading, but…

As an adult, I continued to enjoy reading. However I found myself having time to read mostly during the evenings in bed. Two challenges made this experience less enjoyable. Firstly, I am now unable to read small print without reading glasses. So, sometimes I would be all settled in bed then I realize that my reading glasses is not at my bedside so instead of getting out of my cozy bed, I opt for watching television.

Not all books are created equal

Secondly, not all books are created equal. If I am reading a hardcover book that is not very light, I found myself being uncomfortable after a while having to change my position in bed so that I could hold the book in a certain way, turn pages etc. All that became too bothersome and often put me off reading.

The Kindle Paperwhite, my best gift

My husband who knew about my love for reading and my waning eyesight, recently bought me a Kindle Paperwhite. It is one of the best gifts I have received. First, it is so light: it weights under one pound. So holding it in bed while reading requires very, very little effort. Second, it has a mat finish which means that the light from the bedside lamp does not reflect on my eyes causing strain. By the way, I can also read with the lights completely off because the kindle has its own adjustable lighting.

Third, I do not need two hands to be comfortable with the kindle. It is small enough to hold with one hand and turn pages with the same hand. Most importantly, I can adjust the font so that I do not need to go looking for my reading glasses whenever I want to read. All this makes the Kindle Paperwhite work perfectly for me.

Of course, additional benefits of the kindle include being able to have your book as soon as you purchase it; being able to connect to wifi; being able to use other apps like facebook on the kindle; having the kindle “remember” the page you last read so you do not have to fold pages or try to find where you stopped; etc etc. I wish I had the kindle when I was a student. That way I would have had my books with me all the time without having to carry them around.

I am thoroughly enjoying me kindle and I am glad that is brought me back to my love for reading. I only had it for about two weeks now and I have already read three books. I remain thankful to my husband for this thoughtful gift. We also just had our first grandchild. I know I will be getting him a Kindle for kids when he is able to read. There’s great information about how to chose the best ereader for kids out there.

I hope you enjoyed this brief post on A Wife Review of the Kindle Paperwhite. Let me know if you have any thoughts about the Kindle Paperwhite. As you know there are other e-readers such as Kindle, Kindle Voyage, Kindle Oasis, and Kindle for Kids BundleYou can also read how the Kindle compares to other e-readers.